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Metrolink bike cars on Sunday morning. Photo: Tiffany Kay

Featured Headline: Just in time for CicLAvia, Metrolink upgraded its bike car fleet from 2 cars to 10 cars.  KPCC reports that the new bike cars will hold “at least” 18 bikes.  Longtime reader Tiffany Kay rode Metrolink into Downtown Los Angeles from Buena Park Station in Orange County and she stopped counting the bikes in the car at 40.  Nice move, Metrolink…and see how CicLAvia is inspiring people well outside of L.A. city limits.  More pics from Kay after the jump.

  • Bill for ArtWalk, $8,731 for October (Blog Downtown)
  • Orange Line Extension Is Boring, Actually Happening (Curbed)
  • How Metro/Transit Bills Fared in the Legislature (The Source)
  • Metro Makes a Nice CicLAvia Video Featuring Handsome Man in Cape (You Tube)
  • Gov. Vetoes Bill Aimed at Protecting Drivers From Red-Light Camera Errors (Mercury News)
  • More on the Tour De Fat Crash (Biking In L.A.)
  • Roski Retools City of Industry Stadium Proposal (LAT)
  • With Conflict Laws Changed, Reyes Wants Back on Gold Line Board (LA_Now)
  • Villaraigosa Donor Facing Charges for Skirting Campaign Finance Laws (LAT)
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  • Does anyone know if the bike cars are going to stay?  We were excited to have one on the Antelope Valley Line and hope this will continue.

  • Potato

    2nd link is the same as 1st – no link to Curbed article.

  • Speaking of inspiring people well outside of LA city limits, we talked with some folks at Hollenbeck Park who came up to CicLAvia from San Diego.

  • Dan W.

    If you want more than measly busways for the San Fernando Valley (as the San Gabriel Valley is getting at least two Gold Line extensions), then ask candidates running for the state legislature to commit to repealing the Robbins bill that basically bans quality light-rail in significant portions of the Valley.

  • The Metrolink bike cars are definitely here to stay, but it’s not clear exactly where Metrolink will deploy them (it sounds like there’s not quite enough for every one of them to be attached to every train on every line.) In discussions with them, they’re looking at where the demand makes sense (and there’s usually no problem getting your bike on the regular Metrolink cars.)

  • Michael Wagner

    The metrolink bike cars I rode in from Claremont had more than 50 bikes each way, while the regular cars were beyond capacity as well

  • Maybe you leftist anarchists should have CivLAvia every week so someone will ride those weekend trains. 

    Hopefully the cyclists won’t take over the bike cars like they do in San Francisco.