Time’s Running Out to Kickstart a Spanish Language Streetfilm

We’re just over two days away from the end of our Kickstarter campaign to fund a Spanish Language Streetfilm of CicLAvia III.  At this point, we’re at $635, meaning we have $365 left to go.  If we don’t raise at least $1,000 by Wednesday afternoon, we won’t receive ANY of the funds that were pledged.

Streetfilms has produced hundreds of films in five different continents, but has never produced a film in a language other than English.  We’re hoping to break the language barrier and give a third local film maker (joining Rob Adams and Ivy London) a chance to have their work featured with Streetfilms.

To get there, we need your help.  Support our Kickstarter campaign and help LA Streetsblog, Streetfilms, and CicLAvia itself make a little more Livable Streets history.


Join Us to Support CicLAvia at the Veggie Grill

Tonight, a series of Veggie Grill restaurants is hosting a series of fundraisers for CicLAvia at seven locations around L.A. County and Orange County. A 50% of all meals bought after 5:00 P.M. goes to the CicLAvia coffers which is a pretty sweet deal. Joe Linton, Joel Epstein and myself are all going to be […]

Streetfilms: ¡Viva CicLAvia!

Vea el Streetfilm sin subtítulos, aqui. After sponsoring two Streetfilms of the first two CicLAvias, Los Angeles’ version of the open streets festival based on Bogota’s Ciclovia, Los Angeles Streetsblog faced a dilemma: How can we continue to cover the event that draws over a hundred thousand Angelenos to the streets?  The Answer? Make a Streetfilm […]

”Bikelash!” The Streetfilm

Six months ago, Dr. Doug Gordon and Dr. Aaron Naparstek charmed audiences at the 2014 National Bike Summit with a great routine called “Moving Beyond the Bikelash,” sharing what they’ve learned from the pushback to New York City’s bike network expansion. So last week, while at the Pro-Walk Pro-Bike Pro-Place conference, I thought it would be interesting to ask advocates from […]