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Featured Headline: Today is the last day for my friend and colleague Bryan Goebel as editor of Streetsblog San Francisco.  Bryan, a trained and experienced journalist, was a huge asset to all the Streetsblogs as I’m sure everyone that regularly reads this website knows from the many times we picked up his stories.  Bryan, you will be missed, but we expect to hear from you soon.

  • Short Rail Line Serving Ports of L.A. and Long Beach Gets Greener (LAT)
  • Ports Greening Without Rules Tossed by Court Earlier This Week (LAT)
  • Farmers Field Billboards a Danger to Drivers (LA Weekly)
  • Residents Near Farmers Field Not Thrilled with Stadium Plans (LAT)
  • City Still Looking for Redevelopment Funds for LA River (Daily News)
  • Cars and Bikes Need to Learn to Get Along on LA’s Streets (HuffPo)
  • Zipcar Takes a Jab at Bicyclists in New Ad (Bike Portland)
  • “As the Turnstiles Turn” (The Source)
  • Curbed’s New Transportation Writer Cracks Me Up (Curbed)

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Due to some news in my personal life, LASB will be on a limited schedule today. Don’t worry, everyone’s fine.

  • Anonymous

    Photograph of TAPGate lockdown Day One:

    Let’s see, about US$1,250,000 for the turnstiles, plus 4 salaried administrative workers from One Gateway (one of whom has forgotten to wear his vest, call OSHA!), plus 4 LASD Fare Inspectors all of whom will be put out of a job if the TAP Turnstile propaganda is to be believed.


    And this is at the station that (for now) probably has the least ridership on the Red/Purple (Subway) Line.  

    I can’t wait for the day that TAPGate Lockdown visits LA Union Station!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and I guess I shouldn’t mention that MiFare has been hacked already.

  • If it’s a choice between the two, I’d rather have more Metro staff station helpers/ station agents/ station assistants and fewer Sheriffs fare checkers.

    Of course, given the economy, having large numbers of both would be good, too.

    Hooray for TAP gates….   London, NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Boston, Seoul, Paris and Washington can’t all be wrong.