Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Say what you want about The Source, they were at their best yesterday when they published Metro’s recent crime statistics with a short analysis by Steve Hymon.  The stats show that L.A.’s transit system is relatively safe, although, as Curbed notes, not the safest in the country.
Featured Headline 2: Apparently the Metro Board is going to debate the certification of the Crenshaw Subway later this morning.  I should get my eyes checked.
  • L.A. Weekly Pronounces the Westside Subway Dead
  • More on the “Don’t X Out Transit” Rally (LA_Now, KPCC)
  • What Can L.A. Learn About Public Space and Transit from NYC? (Brigham Yen)
  • Little Tokyo Covers the Broad/CCC/Regional Connector Controversy (Rafu Shimpo)
  • Meanwhile One Curbed Reader Posits What Broad’s Fix for the Hollywood Sign Would Be
  • Bev. Hills Demands Answers from Metro, Metro Calmly Answers (The Source)
  • Elly Blue Slips and Tells World About Bloggers Plan for Bike Domination (GRIST)
  • Get Over It, L.A. Not Even Close to Worst Commute (LAT)
  • Can the Feds Fix Detroit’s Uniquely Terrible Transit System? (Streetsblog Capitol Hill)
  • Breaking: Not All Driver’s Are Jerks (Biking In L.A.)
  • Why Is the Bike/Ped Relationship Often Portrayed As War in the Press? (Where the Sidewalk Starts)
  • NorCal Eating Our Lunch, Politically Speaking (Zocalo)

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