Today’s Headlines

Featured Headlines, Trains: Metro has responded to the letter by Eli Broad and the Community Connector Coalition and made their letter public at The Source.  The letter reads to me like a seven page brush off.

Featured Headlines, Bigger Trains: It seems that the the tide against California High Speed Rail is turning against the project.  The latest salvo comes from the Zocalo Public Square.  Stanford University History Professor Richard White blasted the project in a piece entitled, “Why Not Blow $9 Billion on a Cool Train.”  An excerpt, “Look, I have no desire to save California’s love affair with the internal combustion engine. That is doomed. But I also don’t want California squandering the money needed for schools, universities, infrastructure, hospitals, and the most basic kinds of assistance to the poor on fantasies of a better life on the Silver Streak.”  Yikes.  Oh, and there’s that whole thing about how the Senate is stripping High Speed Rail funding from the appropriations bill.

  • Villaraigosa to Congress: Stop Fighting and Create Jobs (HuffPo)
  • Gets the Cold Shoulder from Boehner (LAT)
  • Lawsuits Could “Delay or Divert” Ca. High-Speed Rail (Cal Watch)
  • Billionaire Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Change Insurance Law Through Deceptive Campaign (LAT)
  • LAUSD: Get Rid of CRA’s (Daily News)
  • LAPD Stuck Cleaning Up Food After Big Rig Crash (Daily News)
  • Metrolink Offers Quiet Cars to Commuters.  Eat it, Cell Phones (The Source)
  • Redeeming L.A.’s Urban Form (Wilshire/Vermont)

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