Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Every now and then a story comes along which is just so bad that it takes me more than one day to work up a response. 
Yesterday morning, the Los Angeles Times ran a story that basically blasted L.A. Metro’s plans to implement congestion pricing on the 10 and 110 freeways because the hundreds of people who can afford electric, hydrogen and other super “low-emission” vehicles will have to pay to use the HOT Lanes just like everyone else not in a carpool.  
While I have a promise with the premise, that low emission vehicle owners are somehow entitled to better treatment than everyone else, it’s that lack of statistics to back any of the articles points that sticks in my craw.  How many people will the change impact?  How much money would it cost?  How much does the average “low-emission” car cost? How many other states allow these cars to use carpool lanes? 
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