SCAG Toolbox Tuesdays

Toolbox Tuesdays Schedule for Fall 2011:

September 27 (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Parking Systems Management

Parking and Parking Systems Management have become a major topic in planning since the publication of Professor Donald Shoup’s “The High Cost of Free Parking.” Municipal planners have become fully aware of the minimum parking requirements deeply embedded in their zoning codes that keep them from achieving the development they seek. On the other hand, property owners, developers, and business owners have begun to realize that these regulations do not help their customers and can hinder their expansion plans.

For this parking session we will be hosting an all-day interactive seminar and workshop on a variety of parking topics. The session will be organized into morning and afternoon blocks. The morning block will cover a general parking concept overview, and look specifically at parking issues facing our suburban areas, including park-once strategies for Suburban Villages, parking systems management at Metrolink Commuter Rail stations, shared parking negotiations, parking audits, and planning for new parking. The afternoon session will cover issues faced by more urbanized areas such as parking pricing, changing traditional parking policies, approving automated parking structures, and implementing robust bike parking policies.

We will conclude the day with an open workshop format where you will be able to address specific parking issues with two regional parking policy specialists.

To register: send your name, affiliation, email address and specify the location you will attend to Marco Anderson at SCAG via email or phone (213) 236-1879 or click the register online button below. Session is eligible for AICP Certification Maintenance credit.

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Session is at SCAG’s downtown LA office. This session will also be offered via live video-conference at the following SCAG regional offices:

Imperial County
1405 N. Imperial Avenue, Suite 1, El Centro, CA 92243
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

Orange County (limited space available)
600 S. Main Street, Suite 912, Orange, CA 92863
Matthew Horton, Regional Affairs Officer
(213) 236-1980 Direct or

Riverside County

Western Riverside
3403 10th Street, Suite 805, Riverside, CA 92501
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

Coachella Valley (minimum 5-person attendance required)
73-710 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 200, Palm Desert, CA 92260
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

San Bernardino County
1170 W. 3rd Street, Suite 140, San Bernardino, CA 92410
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

Ventura County
950 County Square Drive, Suite 101,Ventura, CA 93003
John Procter, Regional Affairs Officer
(805) 642-2800 Direct or

You will receive an email with additional details after registering.

Future classes on other exciting topics will be announced via email and on theCompass Blueprint website


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