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Featured Headlines:  Consider this one of the fruits of the LACBC’s City of Lights Program which has helped the city focus bike planning on lower income areas.  The Shareable reports on the anger that bike riding residents feel when all of a sudden bike safety is a major issue now that more and more middle and upper class white people are riding.  While L.A. has a long way to go to be anywhere near the same league as Portland, who is featured in the Shareable story, but it would be hard to argue that Los Angeles’ steps towards bike friendliness aren’t rooted in an understanding of equity.  Thanks for the heads up, Curbed.

  • California’s Vanishing 16 Year Old Driver (North County Times)
  • Villaraigosa Talks Transit, Jobs, Legacy on (WWLA)
  • Tax Payer’s Association Responds to Steinberg Bill on Gas Taxes (BH Courier)
  • CAHSR Blog: “Getting the Reporting Right on High-Speed Rail Cost Estimates”
  • One Year in Jail for Underage, Allegedly Drunk, Driver Who Nearly Killed Cyclist (Biking In L.A.)
  • Recapping the Beverly Hills Bike Meeting (Better Bike Beverly Hills)
  • LA’s Freeways, Dangerous for Mountain Lions (LAT)
  • San Francisco’s Top Traffic Cop Sits Down for an Interview With Bryan Goebel (Streetsblog SF)
  • More From OpenPlans Founder Mark Gorton on the Harm Caused By Cars in the City (Urban Omnibus)

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