Today’s Headlines

Featured Story: Via our friend Mihai Peteu at Bikeside comes the story of what could be Santa Monica’s version of the Christopher Thompson crash that galvanized L.A.’s bike community. Jeffrey Ray Adams, an aggressive motorist who will likely have the book thrown at him not just for his intentionally reckless driving, but because he acts like a boorish ass on video. Welcome to the age of the Internet!

  • Bike Sharing in L.A….We Need to Think Outside the Box (KCET)
  • Big Blue Bus Service Changes Started Yesterday (SM Mirror)
  • City Releases Plans for 20 Miles of Sharrows (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Traffic Lawbreakers Still Whining They Have to Pay Red Light Tickets (City Watch)
  • Trying to Make Sense of the Subway Murder, and People’s Reactions (LAT)
  • The Media Reacts to Jerry Brown’s Stance on High Speed Rail (CAHSR Blog)
  • Green Line to LAX Picture Coming Into Focus (City Watch)
  • Mobility 21 On What We Should Be Talking About (The Source)
  • Looks Like We’ll Have the City of Vernon to Kick Around for Awhile (LAT)
  • SB375 “Draws Ire of Tea Party” (Calif. Planning & Development Report)
  • Sac Bee Editorial: “Brown Must Be Bold to Bolster High-Speed Rail”
  • The Southland Gas Prices Roller Coaster Moves On, Up for 11th Day (Daily News)

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  • Marcotico

    From Red Light Camera City Watch article:

    “The vast majority of the clients I represent received red light photo
    tickets for rolling right turns, aka California or Hollywood
    rolling-stops, which are proven not to cause accidents.” 

    Really?  I’s be interested in seeing the data on that one!

  • Graphik Deziner

    Wow. Despite the horror I’m glad to see other witnesses stepping up to support the cyclist. Thank you citizens of Santa Monica.

  • The “bike sharing in LA” article has many errors. Id comment directly on the article, but I have no interest in registering at that website.


    “Only problem: there is no bike sharing in Sommerville. Partly because
    her neighborhood isn’t considered dense enough, but also because Boston
    didn’t coordinate with surrounding cities to build its program”

    Two lies in a single sentence. Sommerville is denser than Boston. Boston did not establish the bike share system, it was handled by MAPC so other cities can join. Blame Bixi not Sommerville which wants to buy in.

  • Steven Kitzes

    Great response time from fire and police.  :|

    Hope they put this guy away for a long time.

    On the bright side, it’s refreshing to see so many good Samaritans stop to help.  Very rare.

  • I agree with you, I had two co-workers run down while crossing LaCienega and Wiltshire for this exact reason. I guess running down a person on food isn’t an accident. 

  • I saw a bunch of errors also, but was too lazy to comment.  They claim that the DC bike sharing system doesn’t extend into Arlington, VA for example. It most certainly does.  Someone didn’t do their due diligence.