Metro Bicycle Roundtable: Implementations and Operations Committee

Metro Headquarters
Gateway Plaza Conference Room
3rd Floor

Monday, August 22, 2011
6:00 to 8:00 PM


1.              Review of the Training Module and Bus Operator’s Safety Information Guide, developed for bus operators by Central Instruction.  The Module focuses on pedestrian and bicycle safety.  (Hector Guerrero, Metro Director, Operations Training & Improvement)

2.              Bikes on Rails – Anytime, 2011 Summer Education Campaign (Alice Tolar, Project Manager)

3.              Education Campaign Feedback (Rye Baerg, Intern Field Coordinator & Bikeway Planning Interns)



Metro Installing Polycarbonate Shields to Protect Bus Operators

Numerous speakers at Metro’s press conference this morning went to great length to assure the public that “the Metro system is safe.” Nonetheless, the speakers focused on the number of crimes, foremost including assaults on bus operators, that take place on transit in Los Angeles. Metro reports that operators were assaulted by passengers 138 times […]