Today’s Headlines

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  • “No Subway Tunnel Has Ever Been Dug Under an Existing School in CA” – Bev Hills

    This statement is false. Metro has proof:
    “There are rail tunnels and stations below schools in other U.S. cities. In California these include West Portal Elementary School and Marshall Elementary School, both in San Francisco, the Bentley School in Berkeley and Young Oak Kim Academy Middle School here in Los Angeles”

    “Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will launch his new role as MTA board chairman today with a plan to add at least five more bus-only lanes along major Los Angeles County streets.”
    Wow! This is amazingly good news, the best thing I’ve heard all month! Bus-only lanes would help turn Metro Rapid buses into something approaching BRT.I hope the corridors are prioritized to existing high-ridership areas, such as Vermont Blvd, Whittier Blvd, Santa Monica Blvd, or Ventura Blvd. These areas all support frequent, high-ridership bus service already, but suffer from slow speeds at rush hour due to lack of priority for buses.