Today’s Headlines

  • More on Campaign to Offer Amnesty for Scofflaw Red Light Runners (City Watch)
  • Urban Rangers Lead Bike Tour of L.A. River TOMORROW! (Creek Freak, MOCA)
  • More on Supervisor Antonovich’s Motion on High Speed Rail Routing (The Source)
  • LAPD: Cyclists and Drivers Need to Work Together to Make Downtown Safe (LA_Now)
  • Would “Thank You for Seeing Me” Make a Difference on the Streets? (LA_Now)
  • Who Wants to Build a $1 Billion Bike Path? (KCET)
  • Congress Holds Its Nose, Passes Debt Bill (Cap. Hill Streetsblog)
  • Bev. Hills Still Lags on Bike Planning (Better Bike) PS – The new site looks HOT, Mark…
  • The SourceStarts Series on Westside Subway Facts and History
  • New Legislative Districts Good for the Valley (Daily News)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively: Scofflaw Cyclists (Observer)
  • STOP! Hammertime. (LAist)
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