Friday Poll Day: “American Voices” on the Bicycling Anti-Harassment Ordinance

Earlier this week, The Onion took its swipe at the Bicyling Anti-Harassment Ordinance, passed by the City Council last week and signed into law by Antonio Villaraigosa earlier this week.  In their long-running “American Voices” series, a group of fake people make snide comments about the law showing the confusion and bufoonery that one would expect from America’s Finest News Source.

I responded by challenging Streetsblog readers to come up with their own “American Voices” response, a tongue-in-cheek exercise to have a little laugh at our own expense.  As I expected, you all rocked at coming up with one-liners that would fit right in with The Onion’s goofy mockery.  As promised, the one that the most readers vote as the best will earn someone a Streetsblog T-Shirt.

What's the Best "American Voices" on the Bicycling Anti-Harassment Law

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Cartoon Tuesday, American Voices, Harassing Cyclists

This week, The Onion’s “American Voices” asks three average Americans their views on L.A.’s recently passed cyclist anti-harassment ordinance.  As you would expect from The Onion, the comments aren’t pretty.  Of course, these three have been answering these questions for quite some time now. But I have faith that Streetsblog readers are funnier than Onion […]

City Council Unanimously Passes Anti-Harassment Ordinance

When Streetsblog first began publishing in Los Angeles, there would be Transportation Committee hearings where I was literally the only-person in the room that wasn’t either city staff or a lobbyist.  The scene at City Hall couldn’t be more different these days as advocates for cyclists rights and infrastructure are a common site in the […]

Bike Sharing Coming to USC and City Passes Rough Timeline for Anti-Harassment Ordinance. Speed Limit Increases Delayed.

The City Council met today and discussed two cycling related issues.  The first was the ongoing discussion of whether or not the city should have a bike sharing program.  Second, the Council debated how to create an ordinance that would better protect cyclists from harassment. As predicted, Councilman Rosendahl moved to "re-open" the public record […]