Streetfilms with Español: Long Beach Shifts Into High Gear

Click on the image to go to Streetfilms and select Spanish in the drop down box on the lower left corner.

Just nine days after Long Beach Mobility Coordinator Charlie Gandy gave me a personal tour of Long Beach’s impressive bike infrastructure, David Barboza has translated his third Streetfilm into Spanish for us.  Now, the same tour I received from “the bike guy,” as Gandy introduced himself to people around the city, is available to the thousands of people in the Southland who can speak Spanish, but not English.  Thanks, David!

If you can speak a language other than English and want to take a crack at translating a Streetfilm, just follow these instructions.  The more films you translate, the better the prizes you can win!  I’m starting to run out of schwag for Barboza.

  • Vito Grillo

    It’s admirable to try and add subtitles to your films, but when all the articles are in English, who’s going to come to your website?  Also, the quality of Spanish needs to improve. The above sentence is English written with Spanish words. I don’t think any Spanish-speaker would say the sentence in the photo above.

  • Thanks Vito, we’re hoping to be able to afford some Spanish language stories next year.  We’re also using contacts with Spanish language news and websites to try and get the word out with what we’re doing.

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  • The quality of my translations is a legitimate question. It’s kind of hard to verify unless you speak Spanish, since Spanish to English translators on computers often spit out translations that are word-for-word literal and don’t work as actual sentences. I’d obviously argue that my translations are pretty good (though certainly not perfect, if such a thing is possible).

    In this case the English sentence is “We have all kinds of infrastructure that’s [sic] just coming on line”. The literal translation of what I wrote was “We have many types of infrastructure that are in the process of opening”.

    People should know that it’s possible to create an account and make changes to someone else’s subtitles, if they think they have a better translation.


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