See You Tonight…

I’m off to the Flying Pigeon for tonight’s fundraiser.  I have to make a stop to pick up some Tecate, have a Mexican restaurant to talk to, and a raffle to set up.  If I don’t see you tonight, I expect to see you back here Monday morning!

If you can’t make the fundraiser tonight, but want to help us out, click on that link at the top of the page…the one that asks for help reaching our $10,000 goal.

Have a safe weekend!


And the winner is…

Wesley Reutimann of the San Gabriel Valley Bike Coalition is the winner of the Bike Nation beach cruiser. Wesley will be donating his bike to the non-profit where he works as part of their mini-bike share for employees. Before we conclude our coverage of last week’s fundraiser for Shay, I wanted to draw attention to […]