Friday Poll Day: You Make the Charge

If a man who looked like this were driving a car…

…and he drove into a group of forty people, injuring eleven, sending six into surgery and one into a coma and they all looked like this:

What charges would the LAPD bring against the driver?


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Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: So apparently we caused a little distress at Metro HQ last Friday, but the truth of the matter is that we did them a favor.  If Metro correctly handles the situation with a billionaire stirring the pot on a popular project, they’ll be able to point to their conduct forever.  In other words, […]

What the Price of Parking Shows Us About Cities

Cross-posted from City Observatory.  Earlier, we rolled out our parking price index, showing the variation in parking prices among large US cities. Gleaning data from ParkMe, a web-based directory of parking lots and rates, we showed how much it cost to park on a monthly basis in different cities. There’s a surprising degree of variation: […]