Today’s Headlines

  • Cyclists Attacked in Silver Lake During Naked Bike Ride (Patch)
  • So Why Does Today’s Council Agenda Call for Passing All three Wilshire BOL Options? (The Source)
  • Epstein on BOL Controversy: A City That Forgets Its Transit Past Is Doomed to Repeat It (HuffPo)
  • Brentwood Patch Writes a Weird Ode to Driving.  Bemoans the “Carpocalypse” Coming in July
  • Caruso’s Livability Plan Makes Sense, If He Would Phrase it Differently (Patch)
  • AEG’s “Deadline” for Stadium Deal about NFL Politics, not City Ones (City Watch)
  • Ha!  “Go Away Tourists” Sign Pops Up at Popular Hollywood Sign Viewing Spot (Curbed)
  • Gold Line Foothill Extension Worried About Monrovia Lawsuit (The Source, Patch)
  • Ride a Bike, Join a Group, Speak Out.  Sounds Easy Enough (GOOD)
  • “Dump the Pump Day” is This Wednesday (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Report: Gas Prices, More than Fares, Effect Transit Ridership (Infrastructurist)

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  • Anonymous

    Report: Gas Prices, More than Fares, Effect Transit Ridership
    You’ve mis-summarized the study. Transit fares were the most important factor. But i think what you were referencing was that on all factors, RISING costs had a bigger impact than FALLING costs. So when gas prices or fares go up, it has a bigger impact in increasing/decreasing ridership than when they go back down.

    The conclusion is:
    “Given that a rise in gasoline price will encourage ridership, but that a fall in transit fare will not increase ridership much, the findings on asymmetry support increasing gasoline price over decreasing transit fare to encourage ridership.”

  • Jamesba

    Great list. Btw, it’s “affect transit ridership,” not “effect” (Good ole SAT traps haha)