Today’s Headlines

In honor of the passage of Safe and Healthy Streets in Glendale and in honor of Easter, we're reprinting this picture from a Glendale P.D. traffic sting last year. Photo:## News-Press##
  • City of Glendale Adopts “Safe and Healthy Streets” Plan – Congratulations Colin! (News-Press)
  • Report from Yesterday’s Metro Committee Measure R Committee (The Source)
  • Antonovich Votes for Ridley-Thomas/Crenshaw Motion.  With Mayor’s Vote, It Might Pass. (Fix Expo)
  • MRT: Motion Will Not Set One Community Against the Other (City Watch)
  • I Don’t Care Where Rosendahl Gets His ?’s on the Stadium, They’re Good Questions (LA Weekly)
  • The Sad Stats on Bike Deaths in SoCal in 2011 (Biking In L.A.)
  • Box: Safe Streets Come When Neighbors Work with the City (City Watch)
  • Ghost Bike Tie-Up for Rider Hit, Shot and Killed Tonight (Midnight Ridazz h/t Biking in L.A.)
  • SF Park Puts Shoup’s Writings to Practice (SF Streetsblog)
  • AIA-LA Gives Awards to Chris “LADOT Bike Blog” Kidd and City Planning for Bike Plan (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Did Anyone Know the President Visited Yesterday? (Neon Tommy)
  • Bike-Share Will Launch in Boston This Summer (Streetsblog DC)
  • Don’t Forget Too Bid on the poster.

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  • “Antonovich Votes for Ridley-Thomas/Crenshaw Motion. With Mayor’s Vote, It Might Pass.”

    If the Fall bond sale doesn’t go through there might not be a Crenshaw corridor anyway.

    Staring that reality in the face, I wonder why anyone would advocate for a tunnel on a super-wide street to accommodate more goddamn cars.

  • Dale

    I’m a resident one block from Crenshaw Blvd. Right now with that ‘super-wide’ street we have traffic blowing up our street past our kids and homes. I want Crenshaw Blvd to be walkable, bikeable and habitable. An at grade train blasting through isn’t going to improve my neighborhood.

  • Dale, get rid of the cars first and we’ll talk about walkable, bikable and habitable.

    How about getting rid of the cars and adding a train?

  • Hey Dale,

    I can’t wait until you have that train station one block from where you live. Then I can walk and bike right over to it, instead of taking my noisy, smelly car. So excited!