Life’s Little Victories: City Working to Legalize Front Mounted Children’s Bike Seats

When we last discussed Los Angeles Municipal Code 80.27, we explained how a couple of sentences of city law makes it technically illegal to ride a child in a cargo bicycle or front-mounted bicycle seat.  While this law has been sparsely enforced, it is on the books and has been a thorn in the side of cyclists that picture a future Los Angeles looking more like Bogota or Copenhagen than the L.A. of today.

One year ago, there was no thought to changing LAMC 80.27 and Sharrows were still a pipe dream.

Now, L.A.M.C. 80.27 may be on its last legs. 

A motion by Councilman Ed Reyes, seconded by Bill Rosendahl, will be heard by the Transportation Committee next Wednesday at its 2:00 P.M. meeting.  In the text of the motion, Reyes actually points out that the Los Angeles law is in conflict not just with progressive cycling practices, but also state law:

This long-standing LAMC Section is in direct conflict with the California Vehicle Code (CVC), which was recently updated and allows for the use of European style cargo bikes and front mounted child bicycle seat. In order to be consistent with State law and support safe and innovative bicycle designs, the City should rescind LAMC Section 80.27. This would allow the CVC regulations to guide the legal use of European cargo bikes and front mounted child bicycle seats.

The LACBC is encouraging any families who use cargo bikes or front-mounted bicycle seats to turn out on Wednesday and tell their story.  The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 2:00 P.M.


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