Today’s Headlines

  • LAT: Strategic Oil Reserves Not About Further Subsidizing Car Drivers
  • Of Course Tapping the Reserve Makes As Much Sense as the Rest of Our “Energy Policy” (LAT)
  • Second Round of Subway EIR Meetings Scheduled for This Month.  Yes, Bev. Hills Has a Meeting (The Source)
  • Obnoxious Times Piece Looks for Ugliest Intersection in L.A.
  • Brookings, AlterNet, Dana Goldstein File Retorts to NYT’s Sadik-Khan “Hit Piece”
  • So, When DO We Climb On Board the Expo Line? (City Watch)
  • Columnist Learns the Hard Way.  Don’t Mess with Long Beach’s Bicyclists (Press-Telegram)
  • Glendale Police Actually Enforce Cell Phone Law for Drivers (LA_Now)
  • Ecology of Biking in Quito, Ecuador (SF Streetsblog)
  • Best Pickup of the AP Story on the Bike Plan (Manila Bulletin)

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