Today’s Headlines

  • LADOT Plans Road Diet/Bike Lanes for 7th Street…What About Bike 0Parking (Orange 2)
  • Bakersfield Californian: “If LA Can Embrace Bicycling, So Can We”
  • Not a Shock, Budget Debates Dominate Council Elections (LAT)
  • New York Times Uses Anonymous Sources to Take a Swing at Sadik-Khan (NYC Streetsblog, Curbed)
  • Creative.  Hit and Run Driver “Goes Metro” to Flee Crash (LA_Now)
  • No Trolleys, but the Dodgers Will Have Buses Again in 2011 (The Source)
  • Florida Doesn’t Want It’s High Speed Rail Funds.  Gimmee.  (DC Streetsblog)
  • Pasadena Freeway Turns 70 (LAT)
  • AECOM Wins Contract to Design Regional Connector (Curbed)
  • Long Beach Is Going Through the “Bike Plan Process” Too (Biking In L.A.)
  • League of Calif. Cities Prepared for Court Fight Over Redevelopment Cuts (Sac Bee)
  • “Oregon Trail” Style Street Crossing Sign for L.A….Don’t Jaywalk or Risk Dysentery (Neat-o-rama)

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