Today’s Headlines

  • All Hands on Deck: Transportation/Planning Committees Meet Wed. on Bike Plan (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Neon Tommy Sticks to the Facts, Makes Bev. Hills NIMBY’s Seem Crazed
  • Speaking of Crazed, City Watch Crank Still Mis-Understands Congestion Pricing
  • Price Tag for Farmers Field Already Doubled (Daily News)
  • Box: Let’s Set Some Standards for the Stadium Process (City Watch)
  • Bill Rosendahl Is Not Anti-Transit (City Watch)
  • Undulating Bike Shelters for Pasadena? (Brigham Yen)
  • L.B. Post Readers Losing Their Minds with Anti-Bike Bias (Biking In L.A.)
  • Kia Positions Self as Bike Friendly Car Company (SF Streetsblog)
  • Top D.C. Cop Says Photo Enforcement Should Change the Way Drivers Think (TBD via Sblog NY)
  • How to Have a Green Office (City Watch)

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