The Week in Livable Streets Events

sblog_calendarMonday – It’s on!  The Westside Subway community meetings roll on with their meeting at Beverly Hills.  It doesn’t seem that Metro has made a final decision on whether to propose a drilling route underneath the city or somewhere else.  Anyone want to take odds on whether or not that will matter when it comes to public comment?  Get the details on the meeting, here.


(NOTE: An early version of this post had the start incorrectly listed.  The actual start in Playa del Rey at the start of the Ballona Creek Bike Path – we’ll be stopping in Culver City at Linwood Howe and then heading to MacArthur Park and on to LA City Hall.)

The Bike Coalition hosts a ride from Culver City City Hall to L.A. City Hall.  Special guests on the ride include Mitch Katz, the new (pro-bike) Director of the County Department of Health Services, recently transplanted from San Francisco, Barbara Romero, LA City Planning Commissioner and Chief of Urban Projects and Watershed Division of the Mountains and Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA) and a special cameo appearance at the start by me and Sammy.

Tuesday and Wednesday – Metro opens up its meetings on the proposed bus service changes (also known as massive service cuts) with a Tuesday meeting in the Metro Board Room and a Wednesday meeting at the Marvin Braude Constituent Service Center in Van Nuys.  Get the rest of the meeting details, here.

Saturday – The Latino Urban Forum hosts the first of the “Being Pedestrian” series where participants will take a walk, play a game, and learn something about urban planning.  James Rojas wrote a description of the first event, which will be at South Park, for our calendar section.

Sunday – The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition programs a ride for the Westside.  I Love the Westside meets at the Santa Monica Pier at 9:30 A.M.  For more information, click here.


The Case Against Bike Paths

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