Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Responds to Obama’s State of the  Union (The Source)
  • Auto Industry Claims California Car Sales Rose by 13 Percent (Mercury News)
  • Alternative HSR Route, LA-SD Gains Traction (SD Union-Tribune)
  • Majority of Californians Approve of Gov.’s Plan to Close Defeciet, Including Keeping Vehicle Fees (Daily News)
  • Epstein: 30/10 Needs to Go After Wall Street and Cap. Hill (HuffPo)
  • Bev. Hills Residents Overwhelmingly Support Free Parking Measure (Curbed)
  • Did 2010 Seem Hot?  It Was the Second Hottest Year on Record (NYT Green Blog)
  • Why Do Some Republicans Hate Transit So Much? (The Transport Politic)
  • iPod Bans: Legislation Against “Distracted Walking” Now a Trend (NYT via Sblog NY)

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