SCAG Toolbox Tuesdays: Complete Streets & Road Diets: How to Translate Planner Speak into Traffic Engineering

Complete Streets is a national movement to ensure transportation planners and engineers consistently design and operate the entire right of way with all users in mind—including motorists, bicyclists, public transportation users, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. In California it’s not just a movement, but a requirement by law. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the “California Complete Streets Act of 2008” (AB 1358) into law on September 30, 2008. Caltrans has also adopted Complete Streets with Deputy Directive 64-R1 in October 2008. Caltrans recently published the Complete Streets Implementation Action Plan to put this directive in motion. Implementing Complete Streets also supports SB 375.

This session will also present efforts towards reducing 4-lane roadways to 3. Expert consultants will present a case study as a technical “test-bench” for innovations in the analysis of a list of items: existing and future traffic conditions, accident analysis, research on similar implementations, multiple design options, visualization, ability to increase space for bicycle lanes without R/W, a forecasted reduction in rear end accidents by separating the left turn movements, increasing sight distance for vehicles at intersections, and a potential for reduction in 85% speed without a reduction in corridor capacity. The presenters will introduce a context-sensitive approach that is critical to the success of the road diet concepts in the eyes of both the client’s engineering staff and the community.

Sessions will be held at SCAG’s offices in downtown Los Angeles and attendance is limited. Register early by contacting Marco Anderson at SCAG via email or phone (213) 236-1879.

All sessions will also be offered via live video-conference at the following SCAG regional offices. In order to register, please contact the local regional officers listed below or Marco Anderson:

Imperial County
1224 State Street, Suite B, El Centro, CA 92243
Rosanna Bayon Moore, Regional Affairs Officer
(760) 353-7800 Direct or

Orange County
600 S. Main Street, Suite 912, Orange, CA 92863
Matthew Horton, Regional Affairs Officer
(213) 236-1980 Direct or

Riverside County
3403 10th Street, Suite 805, Riverside, CA 92501
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

San Bernardino County
1170 W. 3rd Street, Suite 140, San Bernardino, CA 92410
Arnold San Miguel, Regional Affairs Officer
(909) 806-3556 Direct or

Ventura County
950 County Square Drive, Suite 101,Ventura, CA 93003
John Procter, Regional Affairs Officer
(805) 642-2800 Direct or

You will receive an email with additional details after registering.

Future classes on other exciting topics will be announced via email and on the Compass Blueprint website.


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