“Today’s” Headlines

(Editor’s Note: I’m traveling all day on Friday, so I set today’s stories to post throughout today.  Our syndication is playing catchup from some D.C. stories we missed.  To get today’s national news go to Streetsblog.net or Capitol Hill Streetsblog.  If you miss me and don’t know what to do with yourself, take a couple seconds to fill out our reader survey. – DN)

  • Villaraigosa: Schools Should Get Free Transit Passes for Field Trips (The Source, Daily News)
  • Epstein: Discussing the Link Between 30/10, Transit and Affordable Housing (HuffPo)
  • Downtown Han an Auto District (Downtown News)
  • Meanwhile the City Is Still Trying to Get More Electric Charging Stations (LA_Now, Daily News)
  • Can Richest Neighborhoods Get Exemptions from Transit Projects? (Subway Blog)
  • I Love That Curbed Uses a Mushroom Cloud as a Graphic for Their Wilshire BRT Story
  • So.Pas Still Opposed to 710 Expansion (Pasadena Star-News)
  • Human Transit Tries to Make Sense of L.A. Transit’s Fare Structures
  • Don’t Read Unless You’re Ready to Cry: Open Letter from Wife to Husband Slain by Drunk Driver (Bikeside)