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...Because the Sun Shines All the Time.  L.A. in November.  Photo:## Girl's Bike## via ## In L.A.##
...Because the Sun Shines All the Time. L.A. in November. Photo:## Girl's Bike## via ## In L.A.##
  • Paper: More Congestion Pricing Sounds Good to Us (LB Post)
  • NIMBY’s Run Wild at Metro Board Hearing on Wilshire BRT (Neon Tommy)
  • Katz Steps Down from High Speed Rail Board (LAT, CAHSR Blog)
  • CA Voters Want Balanced Budget, No New Taxes Or Cuts (LAT)
  • Meanwhile Gov. Involved in Pushing Feds for “Unwanted” HSR Funds (SF Streetsblog)
  • A Closer Look at Jobs and Population along the Wilshire Corridor (The Source)
  • Taxpayers Losing Billions on Treasury’s Share of GM Stock (WSJ)
  • Mayor’s Bike Recommendations Go Back to Metro Board Committee Tomorrow (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Good News Zozo Fans, He Finally Has His Own Website (Streetfilms)
  • Huntington Beach Considering Facebook Shame for DUI Drivers (LAT)

Speaking of Huntington Beach, Congratulations to Streetsblog and Street Heat Contributor Joe Shaw.  Shaw Won Election to the Huntington Beach City Council Earlier This Month!

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  • California voters can be insane and delusional. They pass initiatives that mandate new spending AND pass other initiatives that limit tax revenue to pay for that mandated spending. Then they wonder why there is a deficit.

    California voters are aided and enabled in their insane delusions by politicians in both major parties and across the political spectrum who promise them no hard choices ever need be made.

    Now the state’s citizens want the budget to be magically balanced by eliminating that theoretical “waste, fraud and abuse” that Gov. Schwarzenneger campaigned against but couldn’t actually find once he got to office. Guess what? One person’s “waste” is another person’s “lifeline”.

    Another way of stating it is that everyone wants low taxes for themselves and high-quality comprehensive government services that someone else magically pays for. Surprise, surprise.

    Thank goodness that California voters just passed Proposition 25 which allows spending budgets to pass with a majority vote like 47 other states instead of an undemocratic two-thirds supermajority. Never again will the legislative minority be able to blackmail the state with a government shutdown unless they are allowed to inflict their policies on the legislative majority. At least there with be authority and accountability on what cuts are made without one side blaming the other. Whoever is in the majority will finally be empowered to make some difficult choices on the spending side of the state budget.

    Not that Governor-re-elect Brown needs my advice, but I would recommend he do a Ross Perot type infomercial to illustrate and educate the citizens of California, clearly laying out simply and directly how much revenue we have, and the scale of the coming cuts necessary to balance the budget if they do not vote for any new tax or fee increases. As it still requires a two-thirds supermajority in the state legislature to increase taxes and most fees, that is unlikely to happen there.

    An era of major austerity is coming to California. At least Proposition 22 also passed.