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  • Hey Damien, the link for BikinginLA seems to be broken.

    Also, my take on the Everett sentencing is here:

  • Gregory

    Here is more info on the PCH closed to bicycles article by Stephen Box:

    According to the map, the part of PCH that will be closed to bicyclists parallels the Strand bicycle path.

  • Erik G.

    From the Stephen Box City Watch article:

    “The driver was charged with two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter and two counts of felony hit-and-run in their deaths. He told investigators that he didn’t see the cyclists until it was too late to stop.”

    If I recall correctly, the driver also told the police that he did not want to slam on the brakes because his colleague was in the back of the Food Truck, preparing food and he did not want to cause the spill the contents of a hot fryer or boiling pot! So he saved the souffle, didn’t burn his cook (who should not have been standing or cooking in a moving vehicle) but killed two humans in the process.


  • Erik G.

    Unfortunately, there is a “precedent” for banning bikes and peds from a state highway. That same California State Route 1, at this point it is Sepulveda, has such a ban through the tunnels under LAX runways 25 Left and 25 Right. (Which replaced an at-grade crossing, BTW)

    I’ve never figured out how a pedestrian or a bicycle are a greater security threat to that tunnel than a Ryder Rental Truck, so if Caltrans can be successfully fought on the PCH restriction, perhaps the LAX tunnel could be next?