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Streetsblog will be on a light publishing schedule to honor Veteran’s Day.  We’ll be back tomorrow.

Earlier this morning, The Source announced the hiring of two new writers, Carter Rubin and Sirinya Tritipeskul.  Sirinya has been a long time contributor to Streetsblog’s comments section and has sent me story ideas.  Carter has been a more integral part of the blog since he showed up six months ago.  His coverage of Bike Week last May kicked off a wonderful partnership that was beneficial to both Streetsblog and its readers.

As you well know, the last half a year has been a tumultous one, and Carter has been a huge help in organizing the Southern California Streets Initiative, the non-profit that has been raising funds to employ me and expand our blog coverage.

While you probably won’t be seeing Carters by-line on Streetsblog as frequently as you have in the past, he’ll still be involved in many of the projects we’re working on.  For example, he’s taken over much of the running of our Facebook page and is acting treasurer of SCSI.  Hopefully, we’ll have some other exciting news on some other fronts in the coming months.

So, congratulations Carter and good luck at The Source.  We’ll all be reading.