Place Your Pictures in the Bike Plan

Since we won’t be doing a lot of publishing today, I wanted to give Streetsbloggers something to do besides sending the Petition for a National Search for LADOT General Manager to all of your friends.

Streetsblogger Vicki Karlan had the idea that one way to improve the city’s Draft Bike Plan was to improve the images in the plan. While its not a panacea, it does sound like a fun project. So, Karlan sent the above slide show, in Power Point format, to City Planning. Planning responded that they loved the picture and asked for more.

So here’s your Veteran’s Day homework, find some pictures of cycling in Los Angeles and link to them in the comments section. This entire thread will be passed on to City Planning and maybe your picture will make the plan.

Also, a quick note for parents, if your child is in one of these pictures and you’d like us to remove him or her from the submission.  Just let us know.

  • I offered the same thing to the LACBC recently, but Flickr has a ton of my images (and those of others) offered up for free to the world under an assortment of Creative Commons licenses. All I ask for is a credit (somewhere, not even by the image, I really don’t care).

  • Would they like to see video too? Here’s one I made about cycling activist Ramon Martinez

  • Cris

    I took this photo of four kids (MidDay Ridazz) taking a break at CICLE’s inaugural Families and Bikes (FAB) ride last September. And these four budding bike activists were also at CicLAvia!

  • Some photos I could find quickly of my family and bicycles in LA. All are CC.

  • Cris, your photo is set to ‘private’.

  • Will Campbell
  • Vicki Karlan

    Hi–thanks Damien. I also wanted to mention that each photo I pulled together identifies a person for the photo credit. If there are any errors, please let me know so the proper credit can be given. Also, if you or your child is pictured in one of the photos and you prefer not to get that kind of exposure — in the event LACP uses any of these — please also let us know.

  • Cris

    Oops, fixed the setting – it’s public now. Thanks, Aaron.

  • roadblock

    I say let the LADOT suffer in their swamp of mediocrity… Giving them vibrant wonderful photos of actual bike scenes in Los Angeles is giving a tacit approval to the plan itself. Why dress up this less than satisfying document with smiley faces. Let it wallow in it’s out of touchedness. The corny images were an island of entertainment.

  • Roadblock you are correct in a way. The problem is that this is not only LADOT’s plan, unfortunately it is LA’s plan. I think that photos set the tone and context of the material, and the context is actual smiling people having fun on bikes. I don’t believe a photo endorses their material, but adds to it. Perhaps seeing photos of actual cyclists using the roads will inspire a genuine plan?

  • How the F*&k did that short film about Ramon Martinez not get wider play?! I never saw it! What an awesome little piece you put together.

  • I am with roadblock on this. The uninspired, uncreative and entitled LADOT will surely take your photo’s but they won’t implement your ideas.

    It’s a con from a bunch of grifters. “see we have pretty pictures”

    Lipstick on a Bull………

  • Vicki Karlan

    When I thought about the photos and about submitting them, it wasn’t that I was thinking they would improve the plan. Instead, I thought the photos in the draft plan didn’t reflect the full range of bicycling taking place across the city, but rather portrayed one aspect of biking…as a recreational activity, which is certainly one reason people bike, but not the only impetus for biking. So I pulled together photos I had seen posted that I thought showed a more representative perspective since they show people using bikes for transportation, especially since the Bike Plan is part of the transportation element.

  • M


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