Ed Magos Ride for Justice II

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) will host a second bicycle ride and protest on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 in honor of downed cyclist and City employee Ed Magos—and other victims of hit-and-run collisions whose cases have been unjustly treated only to have the drivers time and time again receive unfairly light sentences—if any at all.

When: Wed. November 3rd. Meet at 12:00 pm Ride at 12:30 pm
Sentence Hearing is scheduled for 1:30pm.

Where: Cyclists meet at Bicycle Kitchen- 706 North Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029 and ride to La County Superior Courthouse – 1945 S. Hill Street, 7th Floor, Div 74

The “Ed Magos Ride for Justice” on November 3rd will follow Ed Magos’ former bicycle commute to Downtown Los Angeles. The ride will end at the courthouse building just south of the 10 Freeway. Cyclists will join community activists and others to pack the courtroom for the sentencing hearing of the defendant at 1:30pm.

All are invited to join to demand that our law enforcement authorities give equal treatment to cyclists who are victims of hit and run collisions.

The ride and our presence in the courtroom during the sentencing will highlight the need for appropriate punishment for drivers and equal justice for cyclists who are involved in hit-and-runs.

Come one come all. Let’s Ride for Justice!!


When Is Enough, Enough?

As I worked on the daily “Today’s Headlines” roundup for this morning, there were three items I wanted to pull because they paint an ugly picture about what’s going on in our streets. Ed Magos is left bleeding in the street next to his mangled bicycle as Angelina Everett speeds off.  Emely Aleman and Angela […]