Today’s Headlines

  • LBPD Not Above Harassing Cyclists.  See Video Above, and Visit…(Bikeside)
  • Urban Planner Ryan Snyder Demolishes City Watch Column Promoting Cheap Parking (City Watch)
  • But Another City Watch Columnist Can’t Think of Any Way to Shop Without a Car (City Watch)
  • Ygelsias: Toll Lanes Save Lives
  • California’s HOV Lanes Are “Broken” (Fullerton Daily Titan)
  • More on Rosendahl’s Bike Rights Bill (LAist)
  • Prop 23 Would Be Bad News for Farmers Trying to Become More Sustainable (AlterNet)
  • Prop 19 Trailing Badly in Polls (LAT)
  • Media Reporting on Bike Deaths Is Pretty Lousy (Biking In L.A.)
  • It’s No Surprise That Damien Goodmon Was at Wedneday’s Crenshaw Presser (Curbed)
  • Bus Detours Planned for Tomorrow’s Obama Visit (The Source)

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