Today’s Headlines

  • Voters Turning Against Prop. 23 and Prop. 19 (LAT)
  • Westside Subway, Regional Connector LPA’s Move Through Committee (The Source)
  • Motorist Rams SUV Into School Bus Full of Children in Suicide Attempt (LA_Now)
  • More Bike Parking to Come (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Could Union Issues Derail Expo? (Corsair)
  • More on Yesterday’s Crenshaw/Boxer Presser (The Source)
  • Port of Los Angeles Got Some Federal Money Too (LA_Now)
  • Hey, Santa Monica Has Parking Problems Too (Daily Press)
  • More on Those EPA Stickers.  Hearing Later Today! (Bike Beverly Hills)
  • Obama Traffic Nightmare Totally Not Happening This Time, Maybe (LAist)
  • No Wait, It Is Totally Happening, ObamaLock! (LAT)
  • Obama’s Itinerary and Directions for Tomorrow (Neon Tommy)
  • Prop 26 “Would Let Oil, Tobacco Companies Off the Hook” (Mercury News)
  • San Ramon-Based Chevron Launches PR Campaign; Yes Men Counter With Spoof Campaign (ABC7)
  • Happy Birthday, The Source, Happy Birthday to You

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  • Hmm. Voters Turning Against Prop. 23 and Prop. 19. I suppose voters oppose any kind of smoking. Or it could just be the Times, who seems to be intent on sinking those props.

    Good for Damien raising the issue in yesterday’s post, IMO the fact that “stoned driving” is being seen as the key issue that will destroy Prop. 19 simply demonstrates how the act of driving a 3,000 lb car is given way too much importance in our society. Bike improvements, transit improvements, and traffic calming all have a role to play in blunting (pun intended) the effects of intoxicated driving.

  • lols @ Drew – perhaps we should criminalize 1000++pound vehicles, and legalize intoxicants!! (my drug of choice is caffeine, though.)

  • Thanks Joe, I’ll be here all week. And to your point, my feeling is that autos and (currently) illicit substances should be approached the same way: legal, but heavily regulated to counteract their unhealthy effects to society.