StreetVids: Politicians Laud the Crenshaw Line

Yesterday was a rare treat for me, as Streetsblog had two writers at the press event in the Crenshaw District’s Leimart Park celebrating the $545 million loan from the federal government to accelerate construction of the Crenshaw Line. Since Carter Rubin did the yeoman’s work of writing the story, I had a chance to capture as much video footage of various political figures praising the USDOT, Crenshaw Community, transit and most of all, each other.

While Antonio Villaraigosa served as master of ceremonies, it was Senator Barbara Boxer who seemed to be the focus of attention. Her speech to the audience is above. Speeches by Villaraigosa, Congress Woman Jane Harman, Maxine Waters and Diane Watson, USDOT Undersecretary of Transportation Roy Klienetz, and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas can all be found after the jump.

Before the event, Damien Goodmon joked with me that the Leimart Park was an ironic place to hold a press conference celebrating the funding of the Crenshaw Line because the Leimart Park Station is “optional” in the current environmental studies. If you watch closely, it seems like most of those speaking yesterday weren’t aware of that. However, it’s always great to hear so many political leaders talk about the transformative power of transit and clean transportation options.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Jane Harman

Maxine Waters

Diane Watson

Roy Kleinetz

Mark Ridley-Thomas

  • Scott Mercer

    This is why those Carly Fiorina ads that say Barbara Boxer has done nothing in 28 years in office make me SICK! That is a total lie!

    Just look at this example right here. If you give a damn about transit, you’ve got to keep Boxer in office and vote for her.

    Fiorina ran Hewlett Packard into the ground and she’ll do the same with California. Wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger enough proof that this whole story about the “outsider” coming in to “shake up government” is a myth? We need people in office who know how government works!

  • w. smith

    If scott had read the article or attended the press conference, I DID, he would have realized the irony of having the press conference at Leimert Park.

    Leimert Park is an OPTIONAL station. In my conversations with MTA employees working on the Crenshaw Line, they have stated that the Leimert Park Station has a very low probability of being built.

    One MTA staffer stated that the monies from the loan would go toward administrative expenses and payroll, not the building of the line.

    Those elected officials we have in office need to be replaced. Personally I don’t think Carly Fiorina is the answer, but Boxer should be replaced. 28 years is to long for no real results from her being in office.

    The rail line should have been started during the 50’s, but our political leaders had other agendas.

  • Kelly H Stevens

    According to Metro’s map the Crenshaw/Vernon is “optional”, not the one at Crenshaw and MLK (i.e., the”Leimert Park Station”). Now, are you saying that both are optional, and there might not be any stops between Exposition and Crenshaw/Slauson in Hyde Park?

  • Interesting note:

    At Metro’s Measure R Committee meeting today Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas asked Metro staff to come back next month with some sort of feasibility analysis of a study that begins with the Hollywood/West Hollywood segment @ Hollywood and Highland and continues to the south via Crenshaw with an alignment all the way to Long Beach.

    Sounds like this could be the start of a coalition forming to keep the West Hollywood / Santa Monica Blvd. corridor alive for Metrorail consideration.

  • m bryant

    the next workshop for station planning Crenshaw/mlk & crenshaw/vernon (optional) is thursday, nov. 4th. 6pm – 8pm. ladwp 4030 crenshaw bl.
    if stakeholders care about leimert park and keeping it viable, they will turnout in mass to lobby for it. they should also flood the mayor’s office, councilmembers office, mta boardmember ridley-thomas’ office with calls and emails. remember cd8 council office is up for election in 2011.


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