Today’s Headlines

The City Council recognizes CicLAvia last Friday. Look for the Streetfilms footage! Video via Ubrayj02/YouTube

  • Daily News: Jerry Brown for Governor
  • A First Rate Profile of “Parking Guru” Donald Shoup (LAT)
  • LADOT, Other Departments, Overspending in 2010 (Daily News)
  • Expected New L.A. County Public Health Head a Bike Rider from the Bay Area (LAT)
  • 30/10 Victory?  Feds Loan Money for Crenshaw Corridor (The Source)
  • OMG! Another Column Condemning the Subway Because It Doesn’t Do Enough for Cars (City Watch)
  • Want to Tame L.A.’s Traffic?  Get Behind Creating More Alternatives (HuffPo)
  • Sales of E-Bikes Are Flat (LAT)
  • Downtown Art Walk Lives (LA Observed)
  • A Great Guide to Biking the LA River (CBS2)
  • We Called It in 2008.  Bikes Are Booming in Baltimore (Baltimore City Paper)

(We’ll be on a light publishing schedule today, but will be back tomorrow with a “normal” day.)

  • RE:
    OMG! Another Column Condemning the Subway Because It Doesn’t Do Enough for Cars

    To be fair he does propose the idea of a Monorail in lue of a Subway at a fraction of the cost. I know the idea sounds preposterous but seeing a monorail run down Wilshire would be quit interesting. After all it is America’s Champs-Élysées…..

  • Chris Kidd

    How would a Monorail interface with the existing subway at Wilshire/Western? Would the subway car come up out of the ground? Would there be a transfer station from subway to elevated platform with a different monorail car? Where would this transfer take place? If/when the Pink line spur ever gets built through West Hollywood or the Crenshaw Line comes up from the south, how would that interface with a monorail on Wilshire? Where would the support structures for a monorail be placed on Wilshire? Would they sacrifice roadway space for it? Would they use eminent domain to seize property to built the track? If Beverley Hills residents are afraid of Purple Line noise when it’s an underground subway, how do you think they would feel about an above-ground monorail? Would a monorail have the same capacity for passengers as the subway?

    Monorails may be more inexpensive, but there are some very clear reasons why they were discarded as an option for the Purple Line Extension.

  • Carter R

    It’s a wonder then that Seattle’s had a monorail for 40 years and is now going back to building its own light rail system. We already have three incompatible transit modes (heavy rail, LRT, and buses) with a Streetcar on the way, and now he wants monorails too?

    Anyways, this is basically another article that rehashes a bunch of already discredited positions.

    For more about monorails…

  • obviously there are political and practical challenges especially going through Beverly “NIMBY or UNDER my School” Hills.

    But one can think outside the box to come up with something like this:

  • My favorite part:

    “Unfortunately, when you add in a subway to the sea, it creates sprawl”

    Heavy rail transit through the densest corridor in the county will create sprawl? Is this an argument that any development that isn’t precisely in Downtown should be classified as sprawl?