Today’s Headlines

## Bikestation coming# for Long Beach.  Photo: ## Portland##
## Bikestation coming# for Long Beach. Photo: ## Portland##
  • Daily News: We’re On Board with 30/10
  • Chronicle Writer Slurs Jerry Brown by Calling Him “Bike Lane Brown”
  • Map of Where the Pico-Union Bike Maps Are Going (LAist)
  • Prop. 23 Foes Out-Spending Proponents (LAT)
  • Lots of Letters on CicLAvia and Wilbur Ave. (LAT)
  • Full Story on BBB Joining Google Transit (Be a Green Commuter)
  • An Interview with CORBA.  Look for Commentary on the Bike Plan (LADOT Bike Blog)
  • Rumors of Downtown LA Artwalk’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated (LAT)
  • More Opinions on Westside Subway Alignments (LA Subway Blog)
  • Some Different Views on a Coming Pink Line (The Source, Ride the Pink Line)
  • Our Friend Siel, the Green L.A. Girl, Is Blogging at KPCC’s “Pacific Swell
  • If they want to call him “Bike Lane,” let them.
    He got the nickname “Moonbeam” for his original, innovative and “crazy sounding” ideas which sounded less and less crazy as time went on.

    COBRA, on the other hand, could use a name change. Who wants to join an organization known for fighting GI Joe? :)

  • ahem, it’s *CORBA*

  • ^_^;;; Emily Litetta looks down at her notes, up at the screen and then back down at her notes before adding,” Nevermind!”

  • Don’t forehead slap. Damien changed the text. He fixes spelling and grammar errors when people catch them all the time.