Today’s Headlines

Google map showing the location of donors of more than 100k to the Proposition 23 Campaigns.  Blue are "yes."  Green are "no."
Google Map showing locations of donors of 100k or more to the Prop. 23 Campaigns. Blue are "yes." Green are "no."
  • Assemblyman Blasts 710 Tunnel.  Claims Proponents Are Lieing (La Canada Online)
  • LAPD Officer Convicted of Hitting Pedestrians and Running (LA_Now)
  • $30 Million Listing for Staples Parking Parcel, 2.73 Acres (Business Week)
  • l..A. Transportation Planning Fiunks the Hippocratic Oath (City Watch)
  • Behind the Orange Curtain, San Clemente Gets Sharrows (OC Register)
  • Can We Use Red Light Cameras to Catch Drivers on the Phone? (LA_Now)
  • When It Comes to Subway Planning, Let’s Keep It Simple (City Watch)
  • Photo Essay Showing Progress of Expo Construction (Transit Coalition Message Boards)
  • Meanwhile MetroRider Is Showing Pics of Metrolink Stations
  • Caltrans Wants L.A. City to Make 110 a Historic Monument (Eastsider, Curbed)
  • Christie Pulls the Plug on ARC Tunnel (NYT, Transpo Nation, MTR, Star-Ledger, SAS)
  • “The Worst Policy Decision Ever Made By the Government of New Jersey” (Krugman 1, 2, 3)
  • Buying an Electric Car? The American Taxpayer Will Shower You With Gifts (NYT)
  • Boy, That Mad Men Taking Transit Story Has Legs (GRIST)

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