Eyes on the “Street”: Trusting Metro

10 8 10 whoops

For anyone wanting a quick chuckle on this sunny Friday…

The Facebook group “I’d like the hidden parts of Los Angeles to remain that way” asks the question “Are we really supposed to trust a public transportation system promising to get us to the intersection of Fairfax and La Brea?”

  • Metro deserves a Nelson Muntz style laugh for this one. Haah ha.

    Maybe “Fairfax/La Brea” could be interpreted as “I’d like to get to Fairfax, but I’ll settle for La Brea.”

  • Carter R

    Yeah, I’m with Drew. I like to think it’s an either/or proposition.

  • There’s a lot of space between Fairfax and LaBrea…

  • Erik G.


    This is the same agency that in the six months repeatedly told users of the El Monte Bus Station that it had LAX FlyAway service. (See September’s MetroMonthly if you can still find it on the racks)

    Because Hymon/Camino took it out of the English version of this Press Release after I pointed it out, you’ll have to see the Spanish version which still has it:

    The same one that thought that riders would not mind if drivers put notches in their TAP cards which they may have waited hours for?

    Haven’t you all learned from Browne that NO ONE at One Gateway actually uses LA Metro?

  • It’s like those fake intersections in movies, books, and TV shows. They use real streets but they never meet. “Hudson College.” etc.

  • In other news, the MTA will begin using Tesseract “space warp” technology on all Metro Rapid lines, causing streets to intersect at all sorts of L’Engles.


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