Discussion of the Pedestrian/Bike Path along the River in Elysian Valley.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday, October 12, 6:00 p.m. at Allesandro Elementary School for a discussion of the soon to open, pedestrian/bike path along the River in Elysian Valley.  Address:  2210 Riverside Drive, (parking lot off of Gleneden and Riverside Drive).

This improved pathway provides a unique opportunity to ensure there is harmony between bike enthusiasts and pedestrians on a path that has already been used heavily by walkers in the neighborhood for decades.

We all want this path to be successful, as it is arguably the first section of improved pathway that will have this particular degree of high volume of walkers along with bicyclists.

Steve Appleton, from the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council will sit in along with any other members of the public who wish to join in.  Mitch O’Farrell of Eric Garcetti’s office will moderate the approximately one hour discussion.

I do apologize for the short notice!  But I believe this will be constructive and informative for all of us


Rumble Strips on the L.A. River Walk/Bike Path

The Los Angeles River path through Elysian Valley has new speed bumps. They’re small strips of thermoplastic perpendicular to the direction of travel. For now, they’re located only where the multi-use river path intersects Riverdale Avenue. They’ve been covered in articles at the LADOT Bike Blog and at L.A. City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s blog. The most […]