Looking for Your Story of Commuting in the Heat

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Photo: ##http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/09/residents-warned-to-conserve-power-as-outages-persist-throughout-region.html##LAT##

Back in January, I asked you for stories of how the rain was changing the way you commute.  We got some great stories, but for the most part it seemed as though the weather didn’t cause many of you to change much of anything.

Of course, that was just a little water.  Now we’re facing record, and apparently thermometer breaking, heat.

So I pose the question again, what’s your commute been like this week?  Notice anything unusual?  Do anything unusual?

  • Hey! I stuck to riding the bus, because no matter what (in my experience) the air conditioning almost always works!

  • Erik G.

    Nice and cool and fast (no heat-caused speed restrictions) on the underground Red Line yesterday, you surface-rail fans!

    Of course, not all the trains are back from getting their wheels looked at after the “mechanical problem” with the wheels that LA Metro has successfully covered-up and with-held from any media scrutiny. So shorter trains meant more body heat for the A/C to tackle.

    Cracks? No preventative x-raying? Allegedly!

  • Erik G.

    Hottest Day Ever in recorded L.A. history.

    But there’s no global warming! No!

  • Katie M

    Serendipitously, I wrote about my efforts to go car free-ish during the sweltering weekend heat in (cue shameless self promotion) my latest post: http://www.wherethesidewalkstarts.blogspot.com. Basically, my travel changes amounted to making trips earlier in the day, or avoiding them all together.

    Of course, I rarely have this kind of flexibility in my weekend schedule–much less my commute–and you’d better believe that under other circumstances (e.g. I had a week’s worth of groceries to carry, I was hauling a kid along) I would have ditched the human-powered transit for my lovely air-conditioned car. Sorry, environment.

  • Circa 11 p.m. last night I was at Wilshire/Normandie waiting for a eastbound line 20 bus to go home. A bike rider going east coming up to the intersection shouted “Green!” When the light didn’t change in time he stopped, and said a bad word. He looked tired out and obviously having to start and stop was a tiring thing at that point. But once the light finally changed he started pumping away and soon was out of sight down Wilshire…

  • Norm

    I rode my bike as usual, but it maxed out at only 105 where I live. So it was no biggie.

    Actually that’s a lie. I felt like I was being barbecued. Stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home and asked them if I could use their walk-in fridge to take a nap, and they said no. Meanies.

  • Didn’t change my commute. I tried to look like I was enjoying the bike ride so drivers wouldn’t feel smug with their AC. Not sure I succeeded.

  • Strapped the messenger bag to my bike rack and went shirtless and helmetless all week, realized cruising without pedaling is just about the best way to stay cool…oh and making sure to enjoy the beautiful hot nights that’re perfect for riding with friends.

  • Rode through almost the hottest part of the day. Felt fine at first, taking it slow & steady, but the Heat gradually wore me down. My full write-up is here: http://bit.ly/dfvU3W.


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