Today’s Headlines

Guess what Sammy got for his birthday?
Guess what Sammy got for his birthday
  • Critical Mass Reviews (NBC4, Biking In L.A., ABC7, LA Weekly)
  • Metro Responds to Attacks on Westside Subway (The Source)
  • Where’s Our Expo Line!?! (LAT)
  • Daily News Mocks L.A. for Being Slow to Be Shovel Ready
  • Lopez: Prop. 23 Battle a David v Goliath Story (LAT)
  • Downtown Artwalk Being Moved to “Daytime Weekend” Event, Shut Down Until 2011 (Blogdowntown)
  • Ground Breaking for Interchange Expansion Project for the 5, 118 and170 (Daily News)
  • South Bay Bicycle Coalition Dealing with Rider Fear (Daily Breeze)
  • Giant People Movers Coming to Long Beach? (Press Telegram)
  • LACBC Organizing Bike Counts in Glendale (LA_Now)
  • Auto Crashes Remain Leading Cause of Death for Kids Age 3-14 (AP via SF Gate)
  • Alttransport: “Want to Get Away with Murder? Just Run Over a Bicyclist”
  • An Amusing Look at Some Commercials from the Original Streetsblogger (Naparstek Post)

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  • Re the Long Beach people mover: this proposal has the potential to be every bit as successful as LB’s proposed streetcar system. In other words, not much. Ideally, Long Beach should establish more rail connections that are part of the Metro rail network – I’m hoping to see a Green Line southern extension eventually loop back to LB. People movers that stay within LB won’t provide significantly better service than LBT (or cycling) and will end up as more ammunition for geriatric, tea partying PT commenters.

  • Streetcars in Long Beach might be a good idea. They would certainly make more sense than these peoplemovers that they are proposing. And it’s much more likely to happen than a Green Line loop.

    Local circulation ought to be taken into consideration when it comes to rail transit. The downtown Los Angeles streetcar is a good example. Light rail can’t be expected to do everything.

    As for the Press-Telegram, anti-transit tea-party weirdos like that are on online messageboards everywhere. It doesn’t mean they have any real power.

  • Thanks for keeping me honest, James. I’m not necessarily opposed to streetcars, but as I’ve said, I’m not sure what advantage they have over LBT/Passport service. Everything I’ve read indicates that they would travel in shared lanes with buses and cars without offering any advantage other than allowing passengers to board more quickly. Of course, there is the psychological effect that riders feel more confident that transit will be on time if they see tracks and overhead wires, but there’s also the problem of the hefty pricetag. Gotta agree, way better than any people mover/monorail though. As for the Green Line, I suspect you’re right that it isn’t politically feasible, my comment is that I personally think it would be rad if they could somehow get that built and then reroute it to be part of the hypothetical Sepulveda line to the Westside. It would be a faster LB/Westside connection than Blue Line to Purple or Expo and would be better for everyone along the route. You’re right that local circulation should be taken into consideration, in fact I see that as a great strength of light rail: it can serve a local circulation role and quickly “switch gears” to regional transit without forcing passengers to get out and board another train. As for the commenters, I just didn’t want to waste an opportunity to roast the clueless PT audience. Good fun.