Today’s Headlines

The Westolme Sharrows are back!  Photo: LA Streetsblog/Flickr .   For more information, visit the LADOT Bike Blog
The Westolme Sharrows are back! Photo: ## Streetsblog/Flickr .## For more information, ## the LADOT Bike Blog.##
  • Bus Service Cuts on the Agenda for Thursday (The Source)
  • Council Tries to Regulate RV’s, Again (Daily News)
  • Transit Adjacent Development, Solair, Gives it a Second Try (Curbed)
  • Drivers Upset That Cameras Catch Them Running Stop Signs (LAist)
  • SB 375 Rules Coming This Week From CARB (Capitol Weekly)
  • NYC’s Gridlock Sam: Everyone Should Do a 30/10 (Blueprint America)
  • Distracted Driving Deaths Fell in 2009 (ABC)
  • Auto Makers Worried About Further Crackdown on Distracted Driving (Detroit News)

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