Cartoon Tuesday: Bear Sprawl

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Earlier this year, I saw this comic at Salon about what would happen if other species embraced sprawl development, especially into other animals’ habitat, in the same way that humans do.  This comic came back to mind after the SCAG Board decided to choose sprawl development over a chance to make history and clean our air through smart growth.  Click through to see what happens when Bears decide to sprawl out of the forest.



Is “Sprawl Repair” Worth It?

Transforming the territory of strip malls and big boxes into walkable places is a hot topic, exemplified by the popular book “Retrofitting Suburbia.” But is it worth the time, money, and effort? Robert Steuteville of Better! Cities & Towns writes that architect Kevin Klinkenberg and development expert Lee Sobel raised the question at this year’s Congress for the […]

Bill Seeking to Reduce VMT Moves Through State Senate

Yesterday, the Times wrote an excellent editorial promoting AB 842, “Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Sprawl."  This legislation would require cities and counties to have a plan to reduce vehicle miles traveled by 10% before they could receive "Prop C" funds fro Department of Housing and Community Development which are now doled out based on a […]