Welcome to the Blogroll: Joel Epstein on the Huffington Post

Screen shot 2010-09-11 at 8.56.26 PMFor the past six months or so, Joel Epstein has been writing away about transportation issues at the Huffington Post’s Los Angeles page.  Originally, Epstein’s pieces were almost exclusively promoting and explaining the 30/10 initiative.  While his Huffington Post profile  says that he likes to discuss Los Angeles’ “maligned but extensive” transit system, it’s clear if you read some of his pieces that he certainly doesn’t think the system is extensive enough and is not above criticizing agencies for their shortcomings.

In recent weeks, some of Epstein’s work has been broader than just boosting 30/10.  In the past couple of pieces he’s discussed CALPIRG’s role in influencing how transportation growth is changing statewide, the role of public private partnerships in shaping our future, and a look at how a waterfront plan in Brooklyn should change the way we think about open space in L.A.

The research that goes into Epstein’s pieces are similar to some of the long posts that one can read at Brayj Against the Machine or Soapbox.  And for that reason, welcome to the blogroll, and we look forward to reading what’s next.


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Thank You Joel and Karen, Now Mark Your Calendar for December 8

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No. At the Huffington Post, Joel Epstein, who has done a heck of a job pushing 30/10, wrote a piece pondering the absolute lack of Hollywood star power in promoting transit as opposed to promoting things like electric-powered cars. Of course, that Hollywood movies present heroes driving muscle cars, saving the universe with cars that […]