Westside Urban Forum: LA — The Big “Green?”

LA — The Big “Green?”

The Dollars, the Politics, the Costs, the Opportunities

Friday, September 17, 2010

Never mind the idealistic push to ‘go green,’ should we even be pondering such moves in an era of joblessness, a down real estate market and struggling businesses?

The Westside Urban Forum brings together the worlds of economics, politics and the environment for a frank and urgent conversation.

With the Mayor of Los Angeles recalibrating his goals, big oil-supporting a rollback of clean air regulation on this November’s ballot, and a bad economy continuing to ravage Los Angeles, what is the grey zone between now or never? What are the real costs of going green?

What are the real costs of going green?  What are the financial benefits? Who will end up footing the bill?  What are the impacts on the urban fabric and how could it shift the power structure of our city?

Zeb Rice, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Angeleno Group. Mr. Rice oversees Angeleno Group’s investment activities in the areas of energy storage, renewables, carbon, and advanced lighting technologies. He holds 10 years of energy investment and related transactional experience.  Prior to the formation of Angeleno Group, Mr. Rice managed venture investing for News Ltd., a division of News Corporation.  At News Corp., Mr. Rice originated transactions and deployed  and/or managed  News Corp’s capital at a Board and General Manager level.
Sean Arian, Founder and President, Eos Consulting. As a Director of Economic Development for the Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Arian advised Antonio Villaraigosa on a strategy to build a green economy, and he led the Mayor’s drive for the greentech corridor.  In his new capacity, Mr. Arian helps clients pursue market-driven solutions to environmental problems.

Matthew Kahn, Professor, Institute of the Environment, Department of Public Policy, Department of Economics, University of California Los Angeles. Professor Kahn’s research focuses on environmental, urban, real estate and energy economics.  He is the author of Green Cities:  Urban Growth and the Environment (Brookings Institution Press 2006) as well as other publications.  He regularly contributed to the Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post and the Los Angeles Times on topics including the cost/benefit of California’s Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act.

Jim Suhr, Principal, James Suhr and Associates. Past President, Westside Urban Forum

CM Credit – This activity is pending approval by the AICP in the amount of 1 hour.

The Regency Club
10900 Wilshire Blvd., 17th Floor
Los Angeles, California


7:00am Registration

7:30am Breakfast

8:00am Panel Discussion

$30 members
$45 nonmembers
$10 student members

$15 student nonmembers

Pre-registration closes on September 15, 2010.  After September 15, 2010 and at onsite registration the cost will be an additional $10.00.  No refunds or credits will be provided after September 15, 2010.


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