Wednesday Night Rocked! Keep Your Eyes Open for Other Streetsblog Events and Our December Fundraiser

Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.31.34_PM.pngThe audience was rapt as I gave a vision of the future of LASB.  Photo: Green LA Girl

(Editor’s Note: More at Green LA Girl)

There are just too many people to thank for the great night we had on Wednesday.  Siel who put together the raffle deserves more than a nod I can give her on a blog.  Carter, Dawn and Marybeth, especially Dawn, for their work in the kitchen.  Everyone who attended.  The army of sponsors who donated something to the raffle or kitchen (but just for good measure they are: New Belgium Brewing, Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s, LAXCarShare, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Big Blue Bus, Expo Construction Authority, Kigo Shoes, SHADES, FluffyCo, ReBinder,Dan Koeppel C.I.C.L.E., Midnight Ridazz, and Cafecito Organico.

After the jump is a photo essay from the event, but if you’re really curious as to what some of our plans for the future is, check out this punchy video Stephen Box shot of me and Joe Linton at 11:30 at night (way past my bedtime.)

If you missed last night’s event, Streetsblog has a couple other events planned in the coming months, beginning with a ride and hosting a park on Park(ing) Day and culminating with another fundraiser Downtown in December.

Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.31.52_PM.pngThese former SF Streetsbloggers moved to L.A. just because we have a better Streetsblog. Ok, I might be making up that last part.
Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.27.30_PM.pngQuestion: What do my child and LADOT Bikeways staff have in common? Answer: They’re both scared of Alex Thompson.  I actually really like this picture.

Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.30.31_PM.pngSome people are really happy to have some Fat Tire.  Council Candidate Stephen Box, Original Rida Roadblock, SM Spokes Gary Kavanaugh yuck it up while Diane Meyer walks past.  Photo: Green LA Girl.

Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.30.46_PM.pngFrom the middle of nowhere these posters appeared. A voice said, "Sell them for $5." I never saw who said it, his head was in the clouds. You might say he was Too Tall.
Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_8.56.09_PM.pngHave I mentioned how much Siel rocks? I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture of Jessica Meaney with her eyes open.
Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.28.05_PM.pngGather around the table for an interactive planning model with James Rojas.


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