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Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.57.59_AM.pngWe’ll have a full review of our fundraiser tomorrow. But for now, enjoy the irony that Denny Zane won a raffle for an Expo Line t-shirt.
  • Oil Industry Stonewalling Investigators of Deepwater Horizon (LAT)
  • Metrolink to Pay $200 Million to Survivor’s and Victim’s Family of Chatsworth Crash (LA_Now
  • Bus Driver’s Authorize Strike (This Doesn’t Mean They Will, Just That They Can) (Bus Bench)
  • Two Week Chinese Traffic Jam Ends (Autotopia)
  • More Coverage of the Mayor’s 3 Feet Proposal (LA Weekly, ABC7)
  • Using Walk Score to Grade the Expo Line Phase I Stops (Straight Outta Suburbia)
  • Hu On!  L.B. Vista Bike Boulevard Asks Drivers to "Yeild" (Gazette)
  • On Fare Gates, Metro Rider Warned Us
  • Happy 50th Birthday, Metro Rail (Primary Resources)
  • Safety First for Off Road Racing (But What About Regular Drivers?) (Daily News)
  • Hey Everyone, It’s Hot (LA_Now)
  • Don’t Forget: "LA Beyond Cars" Has Its Closing Party on Friday (Mixed In)

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  • Can someone explain to the Bus Bench folks that it is the Metro Board that takes the lead when it comes to negotiating with the Unions? It is at those monthly closed door sessions with briefings you see on the Board agenda when the folks negotiating for the agency are given their instructions based on Board directives. Making a bunch of noises about Art Leahy instead of the Board really shows how once again the Bus Bench folks don’t have their eyes on the ball in play.

    And I don’t get the vibe there is any great hankering to strike. Certainly not among the rank and file I talk with. And so far no sign any Union leaders are itching to do so. Taking a strike authorization is a tactic to pressure the Board, but the only sure thing it signifies is the contract talks are getting serious…

  • Dana my ear is close to the ground and my phone number and email is open to anyone who wants to talk at any time, 2am, 3am, I don’t care. And from what I heard they aren’t happy.

    The operators/drivers haven’t been working with a contract for quite some time and never felt the need to authorize UTU to strike, so why now? Why didn’t they call it when they first started working with no contract which is a big deal. They’ve had no contact for two years and I’ve heard Art is sort of “my way or the highway” kind of guy, but I don’t know I’m sure those are just ugly rumors and he’s great guy.

    Wasn’t there a strike about a year or so two before Art Leahy left OCTA?

    I hope it works out, I do have an all bike route planned from the Eastside to Watts in case it doesn’t, not as far as I thought it would be.

    So Dana are you and Art friends? I know he went to the SOCATA meeting and I know you like that.


  • Erik G.
  • driver x

    As a 19yr vet driver/operator, who wins during a strike? Metro!! How much money do they save by not paying O/T, no accidents and still receiving FED money.
    Metro doesn’t care about the passengers much less the drivers. Art screwed up OC transit and left!! Now he’s here and will do the same.
    Look what metro did by charging drivers with felonies with no cause and having the cases thrown out. Now, they will be paying millions in attorney fees and more. Who wins there? Drivers were fired without reasons and now metro is paying!

  • Spokker

    A strike is in bad form especially in a recession.