Today’s Headlines

Screen_shot_2010_08_26_at_7.57.59_AM.pngWe’ll have a full review of our fundraiser tomorrow. But for now, enjoy the irony that Denny Zane won a raffle for an Expo Line t-shirt.
  • Oil Industry Stonewalling Investigators of Deepwater Horizon (LAT)
  • Metrolink to Pay $200 Million to Survivor’s and Victim’s Family of Chatsworth Crash (LA_Now
  • Bus Driver’s Authorize Strike (This Doesn’t Mean They Will, Just That They Can) (Bus Bench)
  • Two Week Chinese Traffic Jam Ends (Autotopia)
  • More Coverage of the Mayor’s 3 Feet Proposal (LA Weekly, ABC7)
  • Using Walk Score to Grade the Expo Line Phase I Stops (Straight Outta Suburbia)
  • Hu On!  L.B. Vista Bike Boulevard Asks Drivers to "Yeild" (Gazette)
  • On Fare Gates, Metro Rider Warned Us
  • Happy 50th Birthday, Metro Rail (Primary Resources)
  • Safety First for Off Road Racing (But What About Regular Drivers?) (Daily News)
  • Hey Everyone, It’s Hot (LA_Now)
  • Don’t Forget: "LA Beyond Cars" Has Its Closing Party on Friday (Mixed In)

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