This Weekend: Bikeside Speaks (and Films, and Parties…)


Streetsblog found the original Bikeside Speaks to be a great night of entertainment and advocacy.  This Saturday, Bikeside Speaks is back with Part Deux featuring new lineup to be followed by a short-film festival and after party.  This time the event isn’t being hosted in the Bikerowave, but at Cynergy Cycling in Santa Monica with an after party following the film festival at the Hotel Erwin on the Venice Beach.  You can RSVP for each event on Facebook.  (Bikeside Speaks: here and the Disposable Film Festival: here.)

So what exactly happens at Bikeside Speaks?  Some Streetsblog commenters complained that the last event only featured short speeches by the Bikeside Board of Directors.  While I don’t see a problem with a group promoting the work of their Board, even that minor complaint doesn’t apply this time.  In addition to City Council Candidate Stephen Box and Bikeside President Alex Thompson, the speaker’s lineup includes Gary Kavanaugh of Santa Monica Spokes, Terry O’Day from the Santa Monica City Council, State Assembly Candidate Betsy Butler, C.I.C.L.E.’s Felicia Willams, Burbank City Planner Cory Wilkerson and "Cool Ass Mike."  It’s quite a lineup, and every speaker will have a unique topic ranging from discussing their organization to promoting Bikeside’s "Life Before License" campaign.  Each speaker has fourteen minutes for presentation and questions.  If you want more, go right to the source and read more about the event at Bikeside’s blog, right here.

If you’re wondering what a "Disposable Film Festival" is, I needed some help on that one too.  A disposable film festival is one featuring films shot on camera phones, flip video or other non-traditional cameras.  The Festival is a "bike-in," so bring your blankets and refreshments.

Bikeside promises the next "Speaks" event is coming east (way east) in September.  Who else is looking forward to Bikeside Speaks in the Inland Empire?

  • Cory

    Correction: 12 minutes, not 14 minutes.

  • Cory’s right – I overbooked slightly and so we’re going even faster. There will be food trucks, and there will be bike raffles!

    To those commenters – Bikeside Board = Stephen Box, Enci Box, Erik Knutzen, Alex Thompson. Only Stephen and Enci presented last time. Also Ron Durgin, Mihai Peteu, and Sara Bond presented (w/ Louis Deliz), but they’re Bikeside Steering Committee, not board. However, Bill Rosendahl and Marcy Winograd went, and they’re not Bikeside anything, other than Marcy getting the Bikeside endorsement.

  • Jane

    Looks interesting. Only issue I have is the relevance of Betsy Butler. Why is she speaking and how does she have any credibility? She looks like the odd person out in an otherwise good lineup. I don’t need another politician telling me what to do, like wearing a helmet. I’d rather have the board of directors talk. At least they know something about biking and not some out of touch political hack.


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