Recent Headlines: Bike Summit Edition

Screen_shot_2010_08_17_at_5.40.23_PM.pngThe Mayor has his own Flickr set from Monday’s Summit.

  • Mayor Pushes CicLAvia, "Watch the Road" and Helmets (HuffPo)
  • Mayor Holds Bike Summit (Daily News)
  • UK Guardian’s Bike Blog Suggests Mayor’s Crash an Act of God.
  • Mayor Meets with Cyclists, World Doesn’t End (Biking in LA)
  • Bike Summit Receives "Wait and See" from Cyclists (The Source)
  • Bike Summit Leaves Many Cyclists Skeptical (Neon Tommy)
  • Villaraigosa Jeered Over Helmet Comments (KPCC)
  • And Don’t Forget the Bike Valet! (Bruin Planner)
  • Obama Takes a Jab at Mayor at Fundraiser (NBC4)
  • Gary Rides Bikes Predicts the Summit in a 2009 April Fool’s Joke

P.S. – Everyone knows that Joe wrote yesterday’s story, right?  Good.