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  • Browne makes an interesting point.

    How were these service sectors drawn up? Should they be revisited?

    Shouldn’t downtown possibily be its own service sector that overlaps all other service sectors?

  • Of course public transit employees cant take transit to work. If the drive the very first bus, or train of the day…..they need a car to get to it! Same with station managers, they cant take a train if they need to open before the first train.

  • Yeah everyone at Metro either works the first shift or the last shift. No one works swing shift. And the Metro Parking lot at One Gateway, who is in there? Amtrak passengers.

    So what’s the apologists line. Metro can’t take it because the get up to early or they all take and I don’t understand. You guys need to have a meeting and get a consistent line.

    LA Streetsblog didn’t even link that post, so why are you referring to that post?


  • B,

    I sure did link to that post:

    Actually, your keeping on top of Metro on this is some of the best reporting, and most relentless reporting, I’ve seen this year.

  • I mean that the post under this group of headlines.

    (I noticed the other link, thanks.)

    This link was about Metro not understanding that Lincoln Heights and Beverly Hills isn’t the same part of town. I’d like to hear the explanation for that one.

    Having meetings for the Eastside and portions of South LA service cuts in Beverly Hills, wtf is that? Is that out of context?

    I think Metro and their PR department has mental health issues.

    Pick a lie and lie and stick with it.


  • Spokker

    Good comment from LAist that I’ll repost here.

    “I actually was dumb enough to read some of that Bus Bench site, and it’s a joke.

    They continually point at an e-mail sent to them stating 155 employees ride Metro to bandy about their 2% figure, while ignoring the information in there stating that 1500+ people are using other transit. Apparently in that bloggers mind, Metro’s crime is not having enough employees that live in LA.

    I ride transit every day to work, and I’m all for an improved transit system. But people like that who are completely unreasonable and trying to rabble rouse for the sake of it hurt the cause more than they help. They blast a Metro employee for stating he takes the Gold Line, for fucks sake.”

  • Why would you post that comment here Spokker? I figurative murdered that guy on my blog.

    If the 1500 in bus passes was the general bus passes for all agencies then the 155 number for Metro was also a general number for all people actually using transit, which means if you want to continue with that logic that even less than 155 people take the Metro.

    That 1500 number does not state that they are using transit, it states they have passes, so you guys can try to twist that around anyway you want.

    Everyone who tries to help Metro just makes this story worse.

    Keep in mind the report was done by an outside agency so public transit would probably just be public transit if transit passes are just transit passes.

    Again initially Metro apayrologists came to my blog and said, “People can take whatever mode we want, it’s a free country.” Spokker you also stated the same thing. You paraphrased, “So what if they don’t use transit.”

    Meaning you totally agreed with my finding, now this random guy comes out and all of a sudden you also misinterpreted the facts, yeah whatever.

    Now six months later Metro is going with this line “Oh no that’s totally wrong, you’re completely misinterpreting that, ALL of use Metro, all of us that matter.”

    So six months ago my blog was right. Then on Metro’s FB page for almost one week that question hung there, “What percentage of Metro employees use Metro?” before their PR department answers a little more than 1% on Metro’s FB page, so it wasn’t a person asked a question situation then two seconds later a response type thing.

    That response was thought out and planned.

    One of the writers for their blog came to my blog and was amazed at the number, but said nothing. That 2% post has been there for months.

    So again Metro apayrologists need to pick a lie and stick with it.

    1. None of us take it because we don’t have to this America and it’s a free country.

    2. We all take it and you don’t understand the numbers.

    Pick a consistent lie.

    And that guy was a random guy? Answer me this why would some person who has never commented on my blog before, not really a transit nerd comment on my blog SEVEN Times. Yeah random dude my ass.

    If you’re not a transit nerd why are you writing book long comments on my blog about something that’s obviously bullshit to you? One comment or even two, but seven, you’re either crazy or working for someone doing damage control and I know all about how Metro does damage control real freakin stupidly.

    The amazing thing about this is that Metro underestimated the public’s outrage. They thought no one would care outside of the transit nerd world and they estimated wrong.

    And what’s my point to all this Metro needs to use their product so that it will stop sucking. When it no longer sucks then they can come to work naked in a Porsche and I won’t care.


  • And who did I blast for taking the Gold Line? I blasted someone for not taking the Gold Line.

    If you’re going to put someone’s comments up from another blog at least make sure it’s about things that are true.

    You’re a real jerk sometimes Spokker.